Suunto Vyper Novo vs. Zoop Novo

The Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo are the successors of the Vyper and Zoop. Each in their own category added a lot more features than the predecessor models.

Comparing the Zoop Novo and the Vyper Novo from Suunto

Comparing the Suunto Vyper Novo with the Suunto Zoop Novo

For detailed information on each of the models read the review of the Suunto Vyper Novo and the Suunto Zoop Novo review. You will find in-depth information on both of these dive computers.​

In this comparison, we wanted to have a look at the differences between the two models. They do target very different divers with regard to their experience.

The Zoop Novo is designed for the beginner diver. It has sufficient capabilities to work for most recreational divers. Once you want to start technical diving and need multiple gas mixes as well as air integration you want to have a closer look at the Vyper Novo.

Design Differences

At first glance, you’d think these two dive computers are twins. They do look very similar yet the Vyper Novo is a little larger in diameter and height compared to the Zoop Novo.

Both dive computers are designed to be worn at the wrist. The Zoop Novo is also available as a console version if you prefer to use your dive computer in the console.

The size difference between the two dive computers is not as large as the comparison above suggests. The diameter of the Vyper Novo is around 0.2 inches larger than the Zoop Novo. The Zoop Novo comes in three different colors (Blue, Lime, Black) while the Vyper Novo comes in Black and White.

​The displays on both devices are very similar in quality. They are large and provide essential information on one screen. Both have backlights and also are phosphor-luminescent so they glow in the dark if you shine your dive light onto them. The Zoop Novo is lacking a number of features that the Vyper Novo has and that explains the different data being displayed.

Features and Functions

The list of features has been significantly expanded. The Vyper Novo is a true high-end dive computer now. The Vyper is barely above the entry-level in comparison.

The Vyper Novo provides a lot more features than the Zoop Novo. It’s designed for a completely different type of diver. The features provided satisfy most technical and recreational divers. The Zoop is designed as an entry-level dive computer that targets beginner divers and divers that don’t need the ability to dive with several gas mixes or have air integration – Best Air Integrated Dive Computer Reviews.

While the Zoop Novo is capable of handling Nitrox up to 50%, the Vyper Novo can handle three different gas mixes up to 100% oxygen. Additionally, each of these three gas mixes (tanks) can be wirelessly integrated to track the dive time remaining. The Vyper Novo also has a digital compass integrated.

Both offer five modes – air, nitrox, gauge, free diving and off. The log capacity in both dive computers is the same at 140 hours at a sampling rate of 20 seconds. Sampling rates are adjustable.

The algorithm in both models can handle Deep Stops which the predecessors could not deal with. The Vyper Novo’s version of the Suunto RGBM can deal with three different gas mixes compared to the one gas mix in the Zoop Novo. Both dive computers support two conservatism adjustment settings to the base algorithm to make it more conservative.


The Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo do not really compare. They have completely different feature sets and target different experience levels and types of divers. The Vyper Novo is  full-featured dive computer with all the bells and whistles you can ask for. Considering that you can add the air integration at a later time it is not that outrageously expensive. It’s certainly a lot more in cost than the Zoop Novo.

If you are just starting with diving or don’t dive very often the Zoop Novo is a great device for you. The feature set will be enough for the next years to come and who knows what new kinds of dive computers we will have by then.

When you have a few years of diving experience and you do technical dives with multiple gas mixes then the Vyper Novo is a great companion for your dives. The optional air integration makes it easy to track your gas consumption during a dive.

If you are not that experienced yet but you are already thinking of dives using multiple gases then you might consider getting the Vyper Novo even though you might not use its advanced right at this moment. You will save money though as you’re not buying an entry-level dive computer just to then having to trade up in a year or so.

Comparing the Zoop Novo and the Vyper Novo from Suunto
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