Suunto Vyper Novo vs. Vyper

Suunto introduced the Vyper Novo as the successor of the Vyper. To confused matters more, they decided to still keep the Vyper in their product line. However, the Novo has seen a significant increase in functionality and features compared to the original dive computer.

Comparing the Sunnto Vyper and Vyper Novo DIve Computers

Comparing the Suunto Vyper Novo with the Suunto Vyper

You can read our review of the Suunto Vyper Novo as well as the Suunto Vyper to learn more about their features and capabilities.​

Below we’ll look at the differences between the two models so you can make an educated choice in which one of them matches your needs better.

Design Differences

Both these dive computers are worn on the wrist. They are oversized and pretty similar in size. The Novo version has four buttons for selecting the menu items and the Vyper features three. This is due to the additional features that the Vyper Novo offers and also to allow to use the design of the Suunto Zoop Novo that was introduced at the same time.

The Novo is larger in size by nearly half an inch. The most significant increase is the weight though. It practically doubled to 134 grams up from 68 grams for the Vyper. A decent amount of weight is due to the larger size and packing more electronics into it. Otherwise, one would assume that the Vyper Novo might also be built somewhat sturdier.

​The display seems a little more refined on the Novo. The data is easy to read and all essential information is displayed on the main screen. The original Vyper has less functionality and as such it looks like the data on the display is somewhat more spread out with areas that are simply not filled.

The backlight on the display has been improved significantly. The screen on the Vyper Novo is additionally phosphor-luminescent so it glows in the dark when you shine a dive light at it. That can help you conserve battery as you won’t need to switch on the backlight.

Vyper Novo from Suunto - Specifications

Features and Functions

The list of features has been significantly expanded. The Vyper Novo is a true high-end dive computer now. The Vyper is barely above the entry-level in comparison.

The Vyper Novo is based on its additional features in a completely different class that the Vyper. While the Vyper today is basically a dive computer that’s one level above an entry-level device, the Novo is a dive computer with a complete set of features. You get air integration, handling of three gas mixes including switching them during a dive, a compass and a variety of dive modes. The Vyper can handle one gas mix and has none of the other features that the Novo offers.

Even the logbook capacity doesn’t compare. The Vyper can handle around 36 hours of collected dive data while the Vyper Novo can handle up to 140 hours.  As the Novo has a freediving mode, Suunto also added a configurable sampling rate for that mode. You can adjust the rate to 1, 2 and 5 seconds.

The algorithm in the Novo can handle Deep Stops now in addition to dealing with three different gas mixes. The original version could handle one gas mix.


Honestly, there’s no comparison between the Vyper Novo and the Vyper. The Novo is in a completely different class. Yet, that’s not only with regards to functionality but also when you look at the price. You will have to add a few hundred dollars on top of the price of the Vyper when you want to get a Novo. However, you do get that much more!

The increased logbook on top of the new features is a bonus. But the big difference is that the Novo has all the features that a recreational diver might ever ask for. The Vyper simply does not even though it is a good dive computer that has the features that a medium experienced recreational diver would need.

If you are fairly new to diving then the Vyper is a great choice. It’ll be sufficient for years to come. If you are an experienced diver and you want a dive computer that has a complete set of features and can grow through optional air integration then have a closer look at the Vyper Novo. Pricing for both is what you’d expect for the features you get.

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Comparing the Sunnto Vyper and Vyper Novo DIve Computers
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