“Buoyed by water, he can fly in any direction – up, down, sideways – by merely flipping his hand. Under water, man becomes an archangel.”

Jacques Cousteau

Since early on in my youth I was fascinated by the sea. Jacques Cousteau was my hero from as far back as I remember and he invoked a deep passion in me for the oceans and for diving.

Over the years I had the chance to dive in many places and to learn how important it is to dive with the best gear available. I aim to not only bring unbiased reviews of helpful and safe scuba gear but will also highlight places around the globe that offer the best diving environments you can find.

The blog section shows you places to enjoy some underwater adventure while our gear reviews provide unbiased opinions on scuba gear like dive computers, etc. If you want to share any diving experience you had or recommend a spot anywhere on earth to enjoy some underwater adventure then please share it with the community through a comment or by contacting me through the contact page.