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Why are Snorkels so Short instead of Extra Long?
Have you ever wondered why the average snorkel is very short? It may seem as though an extra-long snorkel would[...]
Panic Attacks Underwater – How to Recognize and Prevent Them
The ocean is an amazing place with fantastic creatures and even more amazing sights. Luckily, we have the opportunity to[...]
What you need to know about Oxygen Toxicity
One of the most dangerous problems in diving is oxygen toxicity. It’s having too much oxygen when you are underwater.[...]
Debriefing after a Dive – Waste of Time or an Important Habit?
You know how it goes. You're on the dive boat and prepare for your dive. Well, you should have prepared[...]
The D-Mask – The last Mask ever needed for Diving or Snorkeling?
Slow down! Before you run out and try to get this mask that promises to revolutionize both diving and snorkeling[...]
Best Underwater Drones – Are they ready for prime time?
Drones are everywhere nowadays. News channels use them to make footage of accidents or sights of interest. The military uses[...]
Weighting to Dive – What you need to know about Scuba Weights!
Weights are an essential part of your scuba gear. Getting the weights right can be tricky as the correct amount[...]
Liberal vs Conservative Dive Computer Algorithm
Using a Dive Computer with a Less Conservative AlgorithmOne issue with dive computers that is always coming up is that[...]
Best Places To Snorkel In The Caribbean
Are you thinking about taking your next vacation in the sunny and gorgeous Caribbean?  Why not combine great food, a[...]
What is Trimix?
Trimix, simply put, is a blend of helium, oxygen, and nitrogen that allows divers to reach depths previously thought impossible.[...]
Snorkeling with Children – Fun for the whole Family!
Children appreciate family trips, especially when they get older. They can look back at all of the fun activities that[...]
Prescription Dive and Snorkel Masks
One of the issues with scuba diving and snorkeling is that the masks can be a problem when you wear[...]
Can you punch a hole into ice if you dive underneath it?
If you’re not living in moderate and tropical climates then one thing you do face is that bodies of water[...]
How Deep can you Dive with your GoPro?
Diving is a complex sport that requires precision, skill, and confidence. It is extremely important to be prepared, in all[...]
How to prevent Ear Pain from Diving
Diving is a sport that has become quite popular over the years. In fact, diving has risen in popularity in[...]
The Essentials of a Good Dive Knife
When is a scuba diving knife a good one? There are essential components that may be necessary for most sports and[...]
What can you do about Dive Computer Lockouts?
You’re on a diving trip and for whatever reason your dive computer goes into lockout mode and locks you out[...]
Should you Complete a Safety Stop when you find an Unconscious Diver Underwater?
Ever thought of the answer to this? There’s a lot of different answers you can find online and when chatting[...]
Shallow Diving vs Deep Diving – What are the differences?
Which do you prefer? Deep dive or shallow dive? The answer for most divers would be to instantly go for[...]
An In-Depth Guide To Night Diving
Night diving is a great way to get out and explore the world in an entirely new light. That being[...]
Difference between Freediving, Skindiving and Snorkeling
At first glance, free diving and snorkeling may seem more alike than scuba diving. After all, they can be done[...]
Informational Guide on Ice Diving
Diving into a body of water during the peak of summer is one thing but what about doing it during[...]
New Camera Housing Options from Ikelite
Ikelite has announced a host of new housing options for entry-level DSLR cameras at the end of January 2018. If[...]
What is Nitrogen Narcosis?
In your training you undoubtedly have heard of all the things that can go wrong underwater - think decompression illness,[...]
What is a Save a Dive Kit?
When it comes to diving, there’s an old saying that seems particularly fitting:Hope for the best, but prepare for the[...]
Waterproof Cell Phones and Scuba Diving
As technology improves, perhaps it’s only fitting that we would want to take our most personal device with us on[...]
Diving Masks with Purge Valve – Are they any good?
Diving masks with purge valves aren’t the most popular addition to the scuba mask market, but that doesn’t mean that[...]
No-Decompression Limit – What Exactly is it?
In very simple terms, a no-decompression limit (NDL) is the amount of time you can spend underwater without having to[...]
Pulmonary Barotrauma – What is it and How can you Prevent it?
For most of us, the phrase pulmonary barotrauma sounds pretty intimidating. And probably for good reason. This medical condition threatens[...]
Do You need to Know How to Swim to Scuba Dive?
Bear with us for a moment because the following question is going to seem a bit strange.Do you need to[...]
Aluminum Tanks vs Steel Tanks
Whether you’re interested in renting or buying, it’s helpful to know the difference between a steel and aluminum tank. Both[...]
Partial Pressure – What is it?
As a diver, it’s important to know the basic concepts of partial pressure, not only because it is central to[...]
Air vs Nitrox vs Trimix
Try to remember back to your first dive. You were probably nervous and excited, wondering if you had checked and[...]
Tips and Techniques for Wreck Diving
Something about shipwrecks has always fascinated people. Seeing pictures of sunken ships in the water captivates many divers. The call[...]
How to Stay Warm while diving
Some of the best diving spots are rarely explored simply because they exist in colder climates. But for the divers[...]
Tips and Techniques for Drift Diving
Floating along in the ocean’s current can be one of the best diving experiences. For new divers, getting caught in[...]
Why do you need a Dive Buddy?
We all know that having a diving buddy is a requirement, but have you ever asked yourself why it’s so[...]
Tips and Techniques for Wall Diving
Spectacular shelves of live coral and unique ecosystems are found throughout the world. Wall diving is one of the most[...]
Tips and Techniques for Cave Diving
Cave diving can be a wonderful experience. When diving in a cave, divers have the unique opportunity to enter a[...]
Aqua Lung Regulators – Voluntary Product Check
Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary product check on regulators with the Automatic Closer Device (ACD) yoke system. If you[...]
Peeing in your Wetsuit
One of the things that no one wants to talk about (but everyone wants to hear about) is how to[...]
Is Scuba Diving Safe?
Many new divers experience some anxiety about going underwater for the first time. After all, it’s an intimidating concept. You’re[...]
Decompression Diving – What exactly is it?
When a diver gets their basic diving or open water certification, they learn all about no decompression limit diving. While[...]
Snorkeling Fins vs. Scuba Diving Fins vs. Freediving Fins
Fins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and whether you’re experienced underwater or a beginner, it’s important to[...]
Vertigo and Vomiting while Diving
Diving is an amazing sport. Sometimes though, unexpected things can happen to you when you're under water. Two of the[...]
Rebreather vs. Regulator
What is a Rebreather?A rebreather is a piece of scuba gear that allows you to breathe underwater using smaller air[...]
The Facts about Decompression Sickness
Getting the “Bends” is something that every diver has heard about. Decompression sickness is a serious and life-threatening condition that[...]
Framed vs Frameless Scuba Diving Mask
You’ve spent a lot of time researching the best gear on the market, and investing the energy in finding the[...]
Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Wetsuits
What are the Differences between Open Cell and Closed Cell Wetsuits?Understanding the wetsuits that you’re looking at purchasing is really[...]
Back Inflate BCD vs Jacket Style BCD
When you’re getting out in the water, you’ll want a BCD which is also known as a buoyancy control device.[...]
Can you Dive with a Cold?
You booked your trip months in advance. Counted down the days until you’d be in the water again. Packed, prepped,[...]
Storage and Travel Bags for Scuba Gear
You finally made the big investment and bought your own scuba gear. The only thing left is trying to decide[...]
Ear Plugs for Scuba Diving
If you’ve ever experienced ear pain or discomfort while diving, you know just how much this nuisance can disrupt and[...]
How to Clean your Dive or Snorkel Gear
There is nothing worse than getting ready for a dive and realizing that your mask is covered in a thick[...]
What Kinds of Scuba Octopus Regulators are There?
​When you’re learning about scuba diving and getting into it, you might be confused by how many options that you[...]
Diving or Snorkeling while Pregnant – What do you have to consider?
For the expecting mom who loves to dive and snorkel, the lack of clarity on the safety of underwater sports[...]
Scuba Diving Without Certifications
Every dive boat you get on it seems there is that person with a story about how they started diving[...]
Is There Gravity Under Water?
One of the best things about being in the water is the feeling of weightlessness you can get. There is[...]
Weight of Compressed Air
How much do you really know about the air that you breathe under water?Even if you’ve been diving for a[...]
Does Neoprene Shrink
Sliding into a 7mm neoprene wetsuit is never as easy as it sounds. You cannot simply slide in. There is[...]
Diver Propulsion Vehicles
What is a DPV?A diver propulsion vehicle is a motorized device powered by a propeller that provides thrust and movement[...]
What You Need to Know about Scuba Diving and Flying
With the pressure that you are putting your body under when you’re diving, you’ll want to take some extra care[...]
DIN vs. Yoke – What Are They and Why do They Matter?
As a scuba diver, you have probably been on a dive with a leaky o-ring attached to the valve on[...]
Alternative Air Sources – Spare Air and Pony Bottles
What are alternative air sources?Sometimes, divers underestimate how long they will be underwater for and how much air they will[...]
Whatever Happened to the Oval Scuba Diving Mask?
Why the Oval Scuba Mask got replaced with modern designsScuba diving equipment today looks a lot different than it has[...]
Snorkel Vest vs. Life Vest
If you’re planning a snorkeling trip, you will need to prepare for the right type of snorkel gear to bring[...]
What to Wear Under a Wetsuit
So, the guide books told you all that you need to know about diving: where to practice, what rebreather to[...]
Rash Guard vs. Compression Shirt vs. Wetsuit – What to use when?
The technology that makes up your diving equipment is truly outstanding.Think about it, just a few decades ago, divers had[...]
Suunto Issues Recall on Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and POD
Suunto announced a recall of their wireless tank pressure transmitters and tank POD’s.Based on the statement from Suunto they have[...]
Tips on Improving your Navigation Skills Underwater
You’d think that it shouldn’t be possible to get lost under water. That might be true if you stay really[...]
Why do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards into the Water?
When wondering aloud why we roll backwards into the water, novice divers often find themselves in the position of hearing[...]
Best Ways for Surface Signaling
Besides running out of air and knowing that you can’t make it to the surface, the next worst thing is[...]
Tips to Prevent Leg Cramps While Scuba Diving
Do you know the miserable feeling that you had to end a dive prematurely because you ended up having cramps[...]
How to take care of your Scuba Diving or Snorkel Mask
6 Tips and Checks on Caring for your Dive or Snorkel MaskWhen it comes to scuba gear maintenance you might[...]
Why You Should Own Your Own Scuba Gear
Scuba diving is an expensive activity whether you own or rent your gear. Adding the cost of purchasing the essential[...]
Why would you want a Scuba Pointer Stick?
All scuba divers know the pointer stick by different names. Whether its shark or reef stick, muck or lobster tickle[...]
Swimming Backwards – Something a Diver Should Be Able to Do?
One thing that many new divers learn quickly is the intricacy of the swim kick. Because, while it may seem[...]
Tips For A Safe Ascent And Descent While Scuba Diving
Most people only think of scuba diving as the magical sightseeing tour under water where you somehow reach the right[...]
Tips to Improve Your Buoyancy Control When Scuba Diving
Is your experience during diving that you float effortlessly through the water or is it work and struggle to stay[...]
Finding the Right Rash Guard
Rash guards over the years have become more popular for any kind of water sport including swimming. They are also[...]
How to Find the Best Scuba Oxygen Analyzer
One of the distinguishing characteristics of diving as a sport and a profession is the sheer amount of gear necessary[...]
Scuba Gloves – Essential Things You Need to Know
Gloves for scuba diving have two important roles. First, they insulate your hands from the cold. Second, and in many[...]
Open-Heel vs Full-Foot Scuba Diving Fins
We already had a look at the differences in fins with regards to the paddles. You can get split fins[...]
What can you use a Dry Box for?
Dry boxes have many uses. Not only for diving or snorkeling but pretty much for anything where you want to[...]
How Good Scuba Fins Impact your Diving
Have you ever thought that the most important property of a good dive fin would be its color scheme? No?[...]
How to Reduce Air Consumption During Diving
Are you always the one diver in a group or with your buddy that runs out of air the fastest?[...]
Tips for Underwater Videography and Photography
Underwater videography is a tricky business. You’re working in extremely variable conditions, with many of your faculties inhibited, and only[...]
Jet Fin vs Rocket Fin
The diving fin. A perfect example of how a few subtle changes in engineering can have a tremendous impact on[...]
Scuba Diving Gear for Kids
Scuba diving is an excellent sport for kids - once they have the correct training and equipment. There is so[...]
Recreational vs Technical Diving
What are the differences?You always hear the terms recreational and technical diving. But what do they mean? What do they[...]
Scuba Wetsuit vs Drysuit
Differences between Wetsuits and DrysuitsHave you ever wondered why usually photos related to diving always show the diver with only[...]
XS Scuba Switch Mask Review
Review of the XS Scuba Switch Mask – Color Filters Make the Difference?You know the secret to a great underwater[...]
Best Anti Fog for Your Dive or Snorkel Mask
Find the best solution to keep your mask from fogging upAny dive can be ruined when your scuba dive mask[...]
Best Dry Waterproof Bag for Snorkeling
How to find the Best Waterproof Bag for SnorkelingSnorkeling is a great recreational activity that more and more people take[...]
Differences between a Dive and a Snorkel Mask
At first glance a dive and a snorkel mask look the same. Well, that is if you leave out the[...]
Split Fins vs Regular Fins
Split Fins vs Paddle Fins: Which should You use?​There’s an ongoing debate between divers whether split fins or regular fins[...]
Air Integrated Dive Computer or Not?
Do you need to get an Air Integrated Dive Computer or is that Overkill?A lot of divers have very different[...]
Wrist Mounted vs Console Dive Computer
Which type of dive computer is better: Wrist or Console Mounted?Technology enabled computers to get smaller and smaller. We are[...]
Dry vs. Semi Dry vs. Wet Snorkel
How these types of snorkels differ from each otherOver the decades snorkels for scuba diving and snorkeling have seen quite[...]
Trash in the Ocean – How Long Does it Need to Break Down?
As divers you see it all the time. Trash floating in the water or collecting at the bottom. But have[...]
Best Tips on Equalizing when Diving
As much as we love diving, we are land mammals that cross into a foreign world when going under water.[...]
How to Exercise for Scuba Diving
How to Get and Stay Fit for Scuba DivingMany recreational divers do not understand the importance of their physical fitness[...]
Bog Snorkelling – The next British Invasion?
We’ve had the British culture swap over to the US on several occasions. Is it time now for the next[...]
Six Epic Scuba Dives for Every Adventurer
Bloomberg created an article on six epic scuba dives for every adventurer. They did not look at the usual suspects[...]
Dive Computer Algorithms – What you need to know!
When you start diving you are taught the use of dive tables. You should also be taught the theory behind[...]
How to Choose a Scuba Diving Computer
What kind of Scuba Dive Computer Should You Choose?The most important factor when you’re looking for a dive computer is[...]
Dive Computers vs. Dive Tables
Is it Dive Computers vs. Dive Tables or is it Dive Computers and Dive Tables?Before dive computers became a common[...]
Dive Computer History – From Analog to Digital
Dive Computer BeginningsMany technical advances have come from military needs. Dive computers are not different. The Navy needed a reliable[...]
What you need to know about Diving with Nitrox
Guide to Nitrox DivingNitrogen and Oxygen are part of the air we breathe. During diving, Nitrogen concentrations increase in the[...]
What is a Scuba Dive Computer?
Before the age of dive computers it was necessary to use dive tables to figure out how long you can[...]