Best Anti Fog for Your Dive or Snorkel Mask

Any dive can be ruined when your scuba dive mask fogs up, and you don’t have a clear view underwater. Especially new masks are prone to fogging up during the first few dives. However, even an older scuba mask can and will fog up at times.

Find the best solution to prevent fogging of your snorkeling or diving mask

Find the best solution to keep your mask from fogging up

The most common remedy for a foggy scuba mask is spit. There are also many other commercial solutions as well as home remedies available to get rid of mask fogging in case you don’t want to spit into your scuba mask.

A word of warning. Do not use household cleaners, specifically ones that contain bleach, when you try to get a clean mask or figure out a defogging solution! The chemicals can harm the silicone skirt of the mask and eventually render it useless.

Why does a mask fog up?

Let’s have a look at what happens when a dive or snorkel mask fogs up. You have condensation that occurs on the inside of your scuba diving snorkel mask. The trapped air inside the snorkeling mask is humid. When it hits the colder glass of your lens, it starts to condensate. 

It’s the same effect if you drive with your air-conditioned car when it’s humid and warm outside. If you don’t blow the air onto the windshield, it fogs up.

The more humid the air that gets trapped inside the face mask, the higher the chances that you experience mask fogging. Other factors are the water temperature and certainly the cleanness of your lens.

Microscopic Condensation

Condensation happens on a microscopic level. It is dependent on the surface tension of the lens in addition to the two factors mentioned above. Mask defogger solutions, as well as spit, reduce that surface tension, which in turn reduces the chances of fogging in your mask.

No matter which of the solutions you use to keep your mask from fogging up, you have to make sure that the lens is clean and that your fingers are dry and clean. Dirt in the mask only helps the fogging.

Brand New Dive or Snorkel Mask

New dive and snorkel masks have a silicone coating left on the lens that needs to be removed before you use a scuba mask defogger. This coating comes from the production process. 

If you don’t remove the layer entirely, it will pretty much guarantee that the mask fogs up. It won’t even matter what other anti-fog solutions you try, as long as this silicone coating is on the glass you’ll experience your mask fogging up.

For that reason, it’s essential to get rid of any trace of the silicone before diving or snorkeling to prevent a foggy mask. There are a few ways that you can use to remove the layer.


Distribute a reasonable-sized amount of non-bleaching toothpaste with your finger all over the glass of your scuba mask lens. Leave it on overnight. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth or wash it off.

The toothpaste will remove the left-over silicone coating from the glass. You can even use toothpaste as an ongoing anti-fog solution for your mask as it works sufficiently well to reduce or remove mask fogging.

Open Flame as Anti Fog

The second way to get rid of the silicone coating in scuba masks is to burn it off. For that, you run the flame of a candle or a lighter over the lens. The heat burns the silicone off and leaves a black layer of burnt silicone. 

Wipe the burnt residue off with a soft cloth. You might have to repeat this procedure a few times until there’s no black layer left after you treated the lens with the flame.

You want to be very careful when you choose to use this method. If you’re not careful, you might end up burning the silicone of the skirt, and you can end up with a ruined mask. 

Also, if the lens is plastic and not tempered glass, then it will melt!

Used Scuba and Snorkeling Masks

Once you used the scuba mask for a few dives, you need to think of different solutions to keep it from fogging up – Buying a Full Face Snorkeling Mask – Are they any good with regards to fogging?

Baby Shampoo

This is another one of the home-made anti-fog remedies that is easy to come by and simple to apply. Take a few drops of baby shampoo and rub them onto your lens. You can also mix the baby shampoo with water and have it in a small spray bottle. Rinse just before you dive, and you should not experience any fogging.

You could use regular shampoo instead to get a fog-free mask. However, if during the dive, you get water into the mask and then into your eyes, then the regular shampoo might sting. Baby shampoos are formulated not to cause tears and, as such, work better to be used to prevent mask fog.

A word of caution. Do not dump the baby shampoo and water solution onto the deck after you rinse out your mask. It might make the deck slippery as the shampoo is like soap!

Spit as your Mask Defogger

The cheapest solution of all. Spit into the dry scuba mask and rub the spit all over the lens. Then briefly rinse the mask out with fresh or saltwater. Some divers don’t like this solution as it merely grosses them out to spit into the dive or snorkel mask and then move the spit around the lens.

This method works, though, and is probably the most often used way to prevent fogging. It does not make your mask smell as good as if you use baby shampoo, though…

A downside is also that the spit anti-fog doesn’t last very long. You’ll have to redo the same procedure before every dive.

One safety measure you must consider when using spit. Never spit into your dive mask and then use the rinse bucket on the dive boat! If only one of you divers is sick, the virus or bacteria will contaminate the water in the rinse bucket and expose other divers to it. Only use the rinse bucket for commercial anti-fog solutions or for whatever method the dive boat provides!

Commercial Anti-Fog Spray Solutions

You’ll find quite a few different commercial de-foggers for scuba masks. These anti-fog spray and gel products all work pretty well and are quite affordable.

Some of these lens defogger solutions come in a convenient spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply them when you clean your mask. Others need a drop of the liquid in the mask.

Spray or drip them into the mask and rub the solution all over the lens. Make sure that you don’t have any sunscreen or lotion residue on your fingers when distributing the anti-fog on your lens! Rinse in fresh or saltwater, and you should be good to go.

Another advantage of such a scuba mask defogger product is that they usually last for more than one dive, so you don’t have to reapply them after each dive – Best Prescription Dive and Snorkel Masks – Rx Lenses for Scuba Diving.

Best Defogger for Scuba Masks and Snorkel Goggles

Just Add Water Quick Spit Antifog Spray – Best Overall Anti-Fog for Dive Masks

Just Add Water Spray Dive Fog Remover is one of the most popular antifog scuba solutions. You can spray it on the inside of your dive mask to pre-treat it for diving before you get in the water. If you find out during a dive or snorkel that your mask fogs up, you can even use it on a wet mask.

It works for any type of mask and lens. Whether the lens(es) consist of tempered glass or polycarbonate, you can use the Just Add Quick Spit Antifog spray as you wish.

The formula used in this product is the same as Just Add Water Spit Gel, but with a convenient spray that goes on evenly. It’s a little easier to use the spray as the gel takes more effort to distribute everywhere on the lens(es) of the dive mask.

The ingredients in the solution are biodegradable, and the bottle will last you for around 200 sprays. You can use the spray on any mask, whether it’s for scuba, snorkeling, skiing, or any other kind of (protective) eyewear that you need to keep defogged.


  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic and natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting fog protection reducing the need to reapply
  • Usable on dry or wet lenses


  • It needs multiple applications if you touch the lens – it is rendered ineffective when you touch the surface of the lens after application.

Gear Aid Sea Drops Defogging Solution – Best Budget Anti-Fog for Snorkel and Scuba Masks

The Gear Aid Sea Drops anti-fog solution is among the most budget-friendly applications you can find. Yet, it reliably does what it’s supposed to – keep your dive or snorkel mask from fogging up.

Its secret is that you only need 1 to 2 drops per application. The bottle contains around 530 drops, so you’ll be able to use one bottle for a long time! Over time, that’ll save you quite a bit of money compared to other products.

While it works great as an anti-fog, it also cleans your lenses to help you have crystal clear visibility when diving or snorkeling. It works well in warm or cold environments.

The ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable, and the solution contains no alcohol. This reduces any chance of irritation of your face, eyes, or mask.


  • Gentle yet strong formula
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Works great in all reasonable temperatures
  • It is also an excellent lens cleaner


  • It takes a few minutes to dry

500 PSI Mask Defogger – Longest Lasting Antifog for Scuba and Snorkel Masks

The 500 PSI Mask defogger gel is outlasting pretty much any other commercial anti-fog solution. The consistency is thicker than other sprays and allows you to see where you might have missed a spot quickly.

The formula resulting in a thicker consistency also clings better to the lens surface, and you need fewer reapplications when diving or snorkeling. The improved clinginess is the reason why one application lasts for three dives in a single day!


  • Outlasts other products and reduces the need to reapply
  • Less chance that the bottle leaks as it’s a gel
  • Additionally functions as a lens cleaner
  • It can be applied to both dry and wet lenses


  • You have to rub it across the lens(es) evenly
  • If there is any excess gel on the lens(es) after application, it builds a white residue after drying. This can be easily removed but does require additional effort to clean off.

Gear Aid Sea Gold Antifog Gel – Best Defogging Gel for Scuba Masks

The Gear Aid Sea Gold Antifog Gel uses the same formula that you know and rely on from the above reviewed Sea Drops spray. The simple difference is that it comes as a gel that you need to rub onto the lens(es).

The gel consistency allows you to quickly spot areas where you have not applied the anti-fog on your mask. In addition, it clings nicely to the glass, and you don’t have to reapply after every dive. The long-lasting formula saves you work and money!

You can use the Sea Gold Antifog Gel on both polycarbonate and glass lenses. Therefore, it’s a great product to use for both snorkeling and scuba diving!

As mentioned, the ingredients in the gel are similar to the ones used in the spray. The gel is thus as environmentally friendly as the spray. The lack of harmful and harsh ingredients also prevents any irritation of your skin or eyes.


  • One application works for several dives
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Works both on glass and plastic lenses
  • Quick application and short dry time


  • Can have reduced potency in very hot or cold temperatures

Stream2Sea Reef Friendly Mask Defog – Most Environmentally Friendly Snorkeling Mask Anti-Fog

The Stream2Sea Reef Friendly Mask Defog effectively prevents fog from building up in scuba masks and snorkel masks. It’s safe to use on any kind of masks or goggles, including scuba diving masks, snorkel masks, swimming or skiing goggles, or any other glass or plastic lenses.

The formula is entirely non-toxic and, above all, is considered reef-friendly! Your diving and use of this product will not harm any coral reef!

You apply a small amount of the product to the inside of the lens. Make sure that you use it consistently across the whole surface and then lightly rinse any excess off. Each application should suffice to prevent any fog on your lenses for several dives.


  • Reef Friendly ingredients
  • Works for any type of lenses
  • Easy to apply
  • Each application should last for several dives


  • Thick consistency where you have to rinse out any excess thoroughly after applying to the lens(es)

What is the Best Anti Fog Spray or Solution for your Scuba Dive or Snorkel Mask?

The most common solution is the cheapest one. Use your spit. It’s a method that works well on dive and snorkel masks and in many ways can complete with the best anti-fog for snorkel mask products.

If that’s too disgusting or if you want not to have to use a method every time you dive, then switch to commercial mask de-foggers. The best commercial anti-fog for scuba diving masks in our opinion is the Just Add Water Spray Dive Fog Remover. It’s easy to apply and travel with and does the job as you expect it to.

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