XS Scuba Switch Mask Review

You know the secret to a great underwater video with your GoPro camera? You use lens filters to improve the color in the video. And that’s not just a little improvement in the colors, it’s a dramatic change!

XS Scuba Switch Mask Review

Review of the XS Scuba Switch Mask – Color Filters Make the Difference?

You probably wondered why the world underwater doesn’t look the same for you as it does in some of the videos you see. The filters make the difference.

XS Scuba thought the same and they created the XS Scuba Switch Mask. You have the ability to drop filters in front of the lens of the mask. And you won’t believe what a difference these filters can make!

To optimize your viewing experience underwater you do need various filters. Depending on the light conditions you have to enhance and filter certain colors.

Does it really make a difference?

Just have a look at the images below from XS Scuba. On the top, you see the view without a filter and on the bottom with the red filter. The difference is truly astounding.

XS Scuba Switch Mask Before Filter
XS Scuba Switch Mask with Red Filter

The Color Filters to get

There are a number of different color filters that you can get with the Switch Mask. And each of those filters is used for a different condition.

Red Filter

You use the red filter to enhance the warm colors. These warm colors usually fade out when the sunlight penetrates the water. Scaling back the light that is not faded out brings the warm colors to the forefront.

XS Scuba Switch Mask Red Filter

Magenta Filter

The magenta filter should be used in green water. It performs color corrections and makes the overall colors around you more realistic and pleasant.

Amber (Yellow) Filter

This filter improves the overall contrast under water. That’s specifically true in low light conditions like early morning or late in the afternoon. Everything around you will look brighter while you’re also able to see further due to the improved contrast.

XS Scuba Switch Mask Yellow Filter

Tinted Filter

The tinted filter works the same as it does on your sunglasses. It reduces the glare and filters out the bright sunlight. It also filters out the UVA and UVB rays. You best use this filter for surface swimming or for shallow dives when it’s really sunny.

Black Filter

This filter really only has limited use for training purposes. The filter blocks out all light which allows dive instructors to train divers for conditions with no visibility. Most people will never require to use that filter but if you are training divers then it’s a great thing to have!

Fluoro Filter

This is the filter to use on a night dive. However, only in combination with a blue LED light. Take that to a reef and it turns alive with fluorescent colors all around you.

How to use the filters?

The XS Scuba Switch Mask is designed to have a slot in front of the clear lenses into which you can drop the different filters. There’s a locking mechanism that makes sure that the filter lens stays in place.

You can get a caddy for the different filter lenses so you can bring a bunch of them to a dive. The caddy conveniently straps to your forearm allowing you to quickly switch filters if needed.

Is the Mask any good?

This mask is not just a gimmicky cheap scuba mask with a bunch of color filters. It’s constructed with high-quality materials as you’d expect from any top-notch scuba mask.

It’s a low volume mask with two tempered glass lenses. They are made from clear glass for the best visibility available. The mask uses a frame which makes sense as it needs to have the ability to hold the filter lenses. The frame itself is made from high-quality, sturdy Polycarbonate. The filter lenses are made from the same long-lasting material.

The skirt is wide and made from hypo-allergenic silicone. It uses a double feather-edged sealing surface to provide a tight and waterproof seal with no leaks.

The strap is linked with quick connect, swivel design buckles. The ratcheting single-pull adjustments allow for easy and quick fitting.


If you envy the colors you see on many of the underwater videos then you clearly should try the XS Scuba Switch Mask. It’s made of high-quality, long-lasting components and it truly will allow you to see the world underwater in a different light!

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