Best Scuba and Snorkel Mask for a Mustache

How to Dive and Snorkel with a Mustache?

If you have a mustache then you certainly have wondered with the question on how to get a dive or snorkel mask to site tight without leaking. Which then leads to the next question of what the best scuba and snorkel mask is if you have a mustache. Is there one? What are the options?

The first option is that you shave. Simple as that… Problem solved… Just kidding. While this is a solution it’s most likely not the one you had in mind.

Best Snorkel Mask for a Mustache

If you are snorkeling and have a mustache then you might be in luck. The newest innovation of full-face snorkel masks can provide a tight seal even if you have a mustache.

It might not or most likely will not create a tight seal if you have a full beard. But for a mustache you should be able to get a full seal as the mask is stretched over your whole face. The best choice that you can get for these masks is either the Seaview 180° or the Tribord Easybreath Snorkel Mask. In our Best Full-Face Snorkel Masks article we specifically highlight the Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask and the Tribord Easybreath as our Editor Choices.

Both of these masks cover your face completely. As such, the mustache is not in the way at all and you get a tight seal around your face.

Best Scuba Dive Mask for a Mustache

Some people use Vaseline on their mustache to get it smooth and to tighten it up. We do not recommend that solution as the Vaseline can interact with the silicone of the skirt and reduce the lifetime of your dive mask. You can get specialized products like Mustache Sealer to help with getting the seal between your mask and your mustache to be leak free. Feedback is overall positive but it’s not a bullet-proof solution.

A possible alternative is that you shave a small area right underneath your nose. This usually provides enough clear skin to get a tight seal between the mask and your face. The shaved area typically doesn’t have to be big and is often barely visible to others but it’s something you have to try to see whether it can work for you.

For scuba diving the answer is not as simple as a full face mask. Well, it can be when you look at masks with integrated regulators like the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. divers mask or the OTS Guardian Full Face Scuba Mask. Both masks are full face scuba masks of highest quality with a 2nd stage regulator built-in. Reviews on both of these masks are incredibly positive so if you have a mustache and you want to go diving then these masks can be your best solution!


For both scuba diving and snorkeling the best solution seems to be to switch to full-face masks if you have a mustache. All other possible solutions have some success but mostly are not bullet-proof.

Full face masks will need some getting used to but they are overall very comfortable to wear. You have to get used to a different way to equalize. The scuba diving masks have a nose block feature for equalizing. In the case of the Ocean Reef mask you push the mask upwards which then blocks your nose and you can equalize. Slightly different than with a standard dive mask but it does work.

If you have a full beard you will most likely have a hard time getting a tight seal even with a full-face mask. You will have to test it out for yourself. Feedback on both the snorkel as well as the scuba full face masks is that it does work for some that have a full beard but not for everyone. In the worst case you might consider to shave your beard a little shorter as this can help tremendously to produce a tight seal.

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