Should you Buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Let’s have a closer look at full face snorkel masks which are hugely popular right now. But, do you need one and once you set out to buy one, how do you know which full face snorkel mask is right for you.

Okay, first things first, do you want or a need such snorkel goggles?

The critical question you need to ask yourself is whether you dive down a lot when you go snorkeling. If you do, then this type of snorkel mask might not be right for you.

Full face mask for snorkeling

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When you go down, you need to equalize your ears. The easiest method is to pinch your nose and blow out through your nose. You can’t reach your nose when wearing a full face snorkel mask.

A few brands have started to introduce such goggles with the ability to pinch your nose. It seems a better choice to go with a traditional snorkel or dive mask where you can quickly reach your nose. There are other methods like wiggling your jaw or swallowing but those are pretty hard, and not everybody can do it.

Trapped Air in a Full Face Snorkel Mask

Another problem when you enjoy diving down is the large air pocket in your mask. When you go down this air inside will shrink and cause mask squeeze. You can counter it by blowing out through your nose but this takes a lot of effort and a lot of blowing out so, you won’t be down for a long time.

Positive Buoyancy due to Trapped Air

On top of the squeeze, the rather significant amount of air trapped in the mask will create an uplift. You’ll have a harder time going down as you have such a large volume of air in the mask that is trying to go back up to the surface!

Diving deep with snorkel mask and having to equalize

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When is a full face mask a good choice?

But, if you’re planning on staying on the surface, full face snorkel goggles may be the right thing for you. You can breathe through your mouth and nose like on the surface when you’re using a full face snorkel mask. You also have a large field of view which is ideal to see the underwater world.

Let’s have a look at all the features which make those modern full face snorkel masks so amazing!

Large and Unobstructed View when you Snorkel

There are quite a few snorkelers that have to overcome some feeling of claustrophobia when putting on a traditional mask for snorkeling. You won’t run into that issue when you’re using goggles that cover your whole face as you get with such a full face mask.

Feeling Free and Not Locked In

Everything is spacious around your eyes and there’s no limitation with regards to your view as even the dry snorkel tube is not anywhere in your view. A traditional mask and snorkel are pretty small and will make you feel locked in.

These kinds of full face masks won’t cause that feeling as they cover your whole face including your nose and mouth. The view feels natural and you can truly enjoy nature’s beauty underwater.

Get the right size!

When you decide to get a snorkel mask, the first thing you have to consider is the correct size. These full face masks come in different sizes. Many of them also come specifically in sizes to fit children’s heads.

How to Measure correctly

The leading measurement is from the bridge of your nose to the chin. When you buy it online, you can find a size chart that allows you to pick the right size of the goggles. In a store, you can go and try the mask on.

Once you have the full face snorkel mask on, you can feel if there’s any room between your chin and the rubber from the mask. Also, don’t forget to check that the sides of the seal are tight and with no space between the mask and your skin.

Full face mask for snorkeling - Are full face snorkelling mask the right choice? - If you're planning on staying on the surface, only the best full face snorkeling mask may be right for you. You are breathing through your mouth and nose as if you were on the surface when you're using full face masks. The next advantage of a full face snorkling mask is that you have a large field of view. These full face masks allow you to see more of the underwater aquatic world!

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Type of Lens

Another thing you need to consider is the type of lens the mask has. There are two kinds to pick from.

There’s a panoramic version that is round all the way or a flat one which has curved edges on the side.

Flat or Curved Lens?

The main difference between the two is the panoramic one has some distortion. When you swim out some things might seem closer or farther away than they are.

Full face snorkel masks with a flat lens do not have the distortion when you look straight out. They have more distortion though when you look around the edges. When you look straight ahead, you have a standard view.

Camera Mount or not?

If you have a GoPro or an action camera, it might be useful to check if there is a mount on the mask. Some have it included already, some you have to buy it separately, and for some masks, there isn’t one at all.


Diving down with a snorkel mask

What you also want to check is if the mask is comfortable on your face. You could end up using the goggles for hours on end, so it needs to be comfortable.

The straps on the side need to be tightened very easily, and you don’t want them to snap back, which they sometimes do on the cheaper models. The best snorkel goggles will have straps and skirts that are easy to use and don’t cause any sort of discomfort.

Natural Breathing

One of the biggest gripes that occasional snorkelers have with traditional snorkels is that they can only breathe through the mouth. Full-face snorkeling goggles are different as you can breathe naturally either through your mouth or nose.

For many people, this is a huge improvement over the standard snorkeling setup. There’s no more jaw fatigue and you can snorkel for a longer time.

As mentioned in the Comfort section above, make sure the mask fits comfortably overall.

The advantage of everything being so comfortable is also one of the biggest downsides of full-face masks. There are problems if you snorkel for hours.

Carbon Dioxide build-up in Full Face Snorkeling Masks?

If you snorkel for extended times without any break and without taking your full face snorkeling mask off at all then there can be a somewhat unavoidable build-up of CO2 in the mask. Carbon Dioxide can be dangerous and you should take regular breaks and take the mask off for a minute or two – learn more about full-face snorkel mask dangers.

Most top-rated full face snorkel masks have figured out ways to avoid that, but if you use a cheaper mask or want to be really careful then take a break every once in a while, and lift your mask up to ensure that all air is exchanged.

Avoid Sunburn – Use Sunscreen when Snorkeling

Another issue you’ll face when snorkeling for extended periods is that you’ll risk severe sunburn. You are floating on top of the water with your back being exposed to the sun continuously.

The water around you reflecting the sunlight makes it even worse on your skin. Make sure to use a lot of sunscreen. As you are in the water, please use reef-safe sunscreen so that everybody can enjoy the underwater sights for many years to come!

DIfferent colors for the Subea Easybreath - Should you have a closer look at full face snorkelling masks?

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions left about buying a full face mask, please let us know in the comments. Also, we love to know about your experience when you have bought one. And if you have any other tips for other snorkelers, please leave them in the comments!

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