The D-Mask – The last Mask ever needed for Diving or Snorkeling?

Slow down! Before you run out and try to get this mask that promises to revolutionize both diving and snorkeling you should slow down a bit.

Is the D-Mask really the last dive or snorkel mask you'll ever need?

Why do you ask?

Well, it’s not yet available. It is a concept at this time, and as things go with ideas, it’s not even sure that it’ll ever be a product that you can buy.

But boy, if the D-Mask was available today, I sure as hell would be running to get one. It’s sleek, modern and looks way cool. If you’re a Science Fiction fan, then this is all you’ve ever imagined since being a child. Well, besides being able to dive as deep as you want without needing air…. Different story…

So, what’s so cool about this particular mask. First, it’s a full face mask. For snorkeling, you’ll see those around everywhere. Just take the Tribord Easybreath or the Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180°. Both are some of the best snorkeling masks (Differences between a Dive and a Snorkel Mask) you can get.

And even for scuba diving, you can get full-face masks that are working very well. So, why all the excitement about this specific mask concept? In short, it’s sleek, stylish, and different.

The D-Mask For Scuba Diving

Snorkel or Tank?

It’s one single mask that you can either attach a snorkel to or a scuba tank. Interested now? Yes, you can use the same mask for both activities. That thought alone should count for something!

Let there be light!

Besides, there are some cool features integrated into the mask. First of all, the LED lights. They are built into the frame so you can get some lighting while you dive without having to use your hands.

D-Mask with integrated LED lights

Quite ingenious as it would be an overall pretty easy solution that could become part of some of today’s masks. That would undoubtedly require that the lights are strong enough to produce some brightness that’s sufficient for diving.

Talk away

Next, we have a bone-conduction radio. This would allow you to either listen to music or communicate with your dive buddy. Something that currently is restricted to hand signals and boards to write on. Another entirely new improvement to how we dive and snorkel today.

Star Trek – Here we come!

Last but not least the mask also features a heads-up display. With that, some vital information like water temperature, depth, pressure, and even weather conditions would be displayed right in the mask. Pushing the envelope farther, one could also envision the functionality currently in a dive computer to be provided that way. No more lifting your arm up or fumbling for the console to get the display into sight. It could all display on the lens itself.

How to secure it?

Similar to current full-face masks, it secures around the forehead, the sides of the head, jaws, and the chin. Assuming that it does indeed create a tight seal, it’ll provide a lot fewer pressure points on your face and will be more comfortable to wear and use. It will offer the same safety and dangers as current full-face snorkeling masks.

The level of comfort also increases as you can breathe through your mouth or nose and you won’t need a mouthpiece. This reduces or eliminates jaw fatigue and tremendously improves the comfort of diving or snorkeling.

D-Mask Full Face Snorkel and Dive Mask

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The last positive that the D-Mask offers is also the same as you get with any full-face mask today. That is that you get a full 180-degree view as the lens is covering the whole front of your face. You can look up, down, left or right without the frame of the mask to restrict your view.

Is something missing?

This is a truly innovative design that in our opinion would make a good scuba and snorkeling mask. However, there are some features that we think might make this great design even better. One of those features would be to have a way to make this a prescription snorkel mask or a scuba mask with Rx-Lenses!

To make it a genuine contender for full-face snorkel masks it would be awesome if the mask had a mount for a video camera. Or, even better, build a camera right into the frame. That way it could be used for snorkeling and diving, and then there’d be no need to have a separate camera.

We do have a few doubts on how tight the mask can fit based on the images that ZJ-DDG has published. To make the mask safe for diving, it will have to be quite stiff, and as such, you’d need a pretty thick skirt all around the frame to make sure you can get a tight seal. This, in turn, could potentially create quite a lot of volume inside the mask which then makes it harder to use as a dive mask.

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D-Mask Full Face Mask for Diving and Snorkeling

It also seems a little far-fetched when you look at the images that were published, and you see some of the guys with beards. It’s tough to get a tight seal with any dive mask when you have a beard. It seems quite hard to imagine that this issue would have been resolved and will work without a problem when you’re 50 feet underwater!

But, we’re nitpicking here. It’s overall a cool looking design that would seem to make a real nifty scuba and snorkel mask. We hope to see this design soon on the market and that we’re all able to try it for ourselves. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this design!

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Is the D-Mask really the last dive or snorkel mask you'll ever need?
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