How to Find the Best Snorkel Sets – Editor’s Picks (2023)

Snorkeling is an activity that does not require a lot of gear. Unfortunately, it needs just enough equipment to make it a headache for some to pick the right mask, snorkel, and fins. Luckily, there are also alternatives where you get everything in one package.

You might wonder though whether the components are any good? We’ve taken care of that uncertainty and evaluated the best snorkel gear sets you can find in this article.

Finding the best snorkeling sets

If you haven’t tried to snorkel in the ocean, then you have missed out on one of the most amazing recreational activities there is. It’s one of those activities where you don’t have to be in perfect shape or in a specific age range to enjoy it.

Being able to view the world underwater is eye-opening. You can see the aquatic life that’s just breathtaking. Many people snorkel for the first time when they are on vacation. Great places to try are when you are in the Caribbean, California, or anywhere there’s clear water and underwater life!

If you want to snorkel regularly, there’s one drawback. That is that you, in that case, should get your snorkel gear. At a minimum, you should get a mask and snorkel and fins. For convenience, you should consider a full-face snorkel mask and snorkel fins which are shorter than scuba diving fins.

If you want to go out even more, then you can get even more snorkeling gear. It can be of help to have a watertight container to have valuables with you instead of having to leave them behind on the beach. Should you like to go on long snorkeling excursions that might last a few hours, then it can be tremendously helpful to use a snorkel vest. It helps you to stay afloat effortlessly.

The choices for masks, snorkels, and fins alone can be overwhelming. You can find cheap items and costly ones, and it can be hard to figure out which one you require.

Best snorkel gear and equipment in sets

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Don’t buy Snorkel Gear at the Supermarket!

A word upfront. The snorkel gear you can sometimes find in the seasonal section of your supermarket or drugstore is usually not worth the money. Even at those ultra-low prices you often won’t get anything that is useful or safe. However, that does not mean that you have to look at the most costly items to get a good set of gear for your snorkeling needs!

The gear shown in this guide concentrates on complete sets that you can purchase. These sets usually are an excellent choice for beginners and occasional snorkelers.

If you gain experience and snorkel regularly, then you want to switch to get a full-face snorkel mask instead of the traditional goggles and snorkel (What are the Differences between Snorkel Goggles vs Masks?). Avoid using any of the cheap masks in that case as you potentially risk CO2 buildup inside the goggles. High-quality full-face masks are designed to avoid that danger! Combine this with a pair of snorkel fins and you end up with the best options for yourself.

However, if you don’t have a lot of experience, then it’s easier to get a good-quality snorkel equipment package until you get more acquainted with your requirements and needs with regards to the best gear for snorkeling.

If you want our take on the best snorkel sets then here’s a quick overview to pick the best snorkeling set for your needs:

  • Cressi Palau Snorkel Set – Best Overall
  • U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set – Best Panoramic Lens Mask
  • Innovative Scuba Concepts Reef Snorkel Set – Best for Budget Conscious
  • Promate Snorkeling Gear Set – Best for Beginners
  • SealBuddy Maui Panoramic Snorkel Set – Best for Travel
  • Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Set – Best Mask
  • Seavenger Snorkel Set – Best for Children and Youths
Top snorkel sets for your next snorkeling trip

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What are the benefits of snorkel packages vs. individual gear?

There are benefits and arguments for either snorkel sets or individually selected pieces of gear. For enthusiasts that occasionally go snorkeling, like when on vacation, a set usually makes more sense.

The pieces in the snorkel set match and work perfectly together. If you have to pick a mask and snorkel yourself, then you might end up with gear that is not matching up that well. Many of the sets also include a pair of fins. The least you get are a snorkel and goggles.

Besides knowing that the items in a set fit together perfectly, there’s also another good reason to look at those sets. That reason is merely the lower cost compared to purchasing separate pieces of equipment.

Guide to finding the best snorkeling gear

The snorkel sets you can buy are typically cheaper compared to purchasing the goggles and snorkel separately. You might not get the top-of-the-line gear, but for beginners or occasional snorkelers, the equipment is plenty good. It’s an overall convenient and safe method to purchase your gear.

The higher quality sets you can buy will have gear that works with each other. The components will be selected to match similar skill levels and budget considerations. The downside can undoubtedly be that you get all snorkel gear from a single manufacturer. If you have more experience in equipment and snorkeling itself, you will realize that certain manufacturers have for example good fins but their snorkels are not the best.

As a beginner or when you’re only going to snorkel a few times a year, you won’t have to worry about this much. The snorkel gear you get through those sets is more than sufficient, and it is very cost-effective.

If you have some experience and know for example that you like to snorkel in areas with somewhat stronger currents, then get a snorkel set for the mask and snorkel. You are then free to pick a set of fins that are stiffer or even larger to help you to snorkel in stronger currents.

Best Snorkeling Set

With more experience and the desire to use your gear more often, it typically turns out to be a better choice to purchase your equipment individually. The reason is that you can get gear that is better suited to your specific needs. Sets cater to the average male or female. If you are very tall, then you might require equipment that is built to fit large people and not average ones.

Without having a good idea of what you want and need though it’s easier to go with a snorkel set and then, later on, replace specific items or all with individually purchase gear. Most people today will pick a full-face snorkel mask instead of traditional goggles and snorkel when they go snorkeling often. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider such a full-face snorkel mask from the beginning!

When you start out, you will have no idea whether you would, for example, prefer a stiff vs. a soft fin. Gaining more experience will allow you to pinpoint the best gear for your style and at that point, it starts to make sense to purchase specific and individual pieces of equipment. Until you reach that point, it does make more sense to stick with the packages you can get. They will provide you with middle-of-the-road gear and you will advance to the point that you understand what kind of equipment you prefer.

One exception is if you are an experienced scuba diver. In that case, you might have a good idea of what gear you want and should be able to purchase all items individually from the start.

Snorkel Set

What Sets to look at for the Best Snorkeling Gear?

To make things easier for you we had a closer look at some different sets that are excellent choices for different needs and reasons. Have a look at the various options below, and we’re sure you can find a pick that works for your needs!

Cressi Palau – Best Overall Snorkel Set

There’s not much that you wouldn’t like about the Cressi Palau snorkel set. It’s built from top-of-the-line material and the overall design is excellent. Cressi is known to make some of the best snorkel gear you can buy and the components in this set will not disappoint.

The outstanding elements are that it provides a comfortable fit, has a flawless finish and it’s built tough, so you can be sure it’ll last a while. You can rest assured that this snorkel set will be yours to use for years to come if you take care of it.

The Cressi Palau snorkel set consists of the goggles, snorkel, fins, and a fitted nylon bag. The mask in the snorkel set is Cressi’s Onda mask. It’s an entry-level snorkel mask that is made from the highest quality material. It’s a proven mask that has been used for literally decades.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set
Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

The snorkel mask consists of two tempered glass lenses. These are durable and safe to use. It’s not a snorkeling mask that provides panoramic views, but the clear glass allows for excellent visibility underwater.

Reduced fogging with the Cressi Onda Snorkel Mask

The mask does not easily fog. Should you end up with fogging issues, then a quick spit into the snorkel mask will take care of that.

The lenses connect to a skirt that is made from soft silicone. This silicone skirt provides an excellent seal with your face while being comfortable to wear and durable. The silicone skirt is transparent which can let some more light into the mask.

The straps connect securely to the frame of the snorkel mask and provide comfortable and convenient adjustment possibilities. You will typically be able to get a tight and waterproof seal with pretty much any face shape and size.

Amazing Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel

On the side of the face strap is a clip to connect the Cressi Supernova snorkel to the snorkel mask. The snorkel is a high-quality dry snorkel and is easily the best part of this snorkel set. Cressi has it down when it comes to dry top snorkels. On average they are drier than other snorkels from other brands. This is a great benefit when you’re snorkeling in rough waters as you get way less water into your snorkel and eventually your mouth.

The snorkel can be attached to either the left or the right side of the mask. The mouth-piece is sturdy and comfortable to use even when you snorkel for extended periods of time. The size and material are unobtrusive in your mouth and won’t cause jaw fatigue for a long time.

Purge Valve on Snorkel

There’s a small purge valve on the bottom of the snorkel. You can clear out any water in the snorkel by using the purge valve. The top of the snorkel consists of Cressi’s splash guard and the mechanism to make this a dry snorkel. This dry valve mechanism prevents water from entering the snorkel and makes it a lot more fun to snorkel in the waves.

The snorkel fins in the snorkel set are what give the package the name. They are Palau fins and you can either get them in short or long. Typically, for snorkeling, you will prefer the short fins. They provide plenty of propulsion for snorkeling and are easy to transport.

No matter whether you go for short or long snorkel fins, you get open-heel fins. These are typically preferred as they provide a better fit and more adjustment capabilities. The Palau fins offer a great balance between rigidity and flexibility and are comfortable to wear.

The open-heel fins are comfortable to wear. The foot pocket is made from soft rubber so you can wear the fins with thin booties or barefoot for hours without rubbing or chafing. The straps on the fins allow for proper adjustment and a tight fit.

The straps are also where some snorkelers have a problem with the fins. The heel strap is functional, but on some higher-end fins, you find better mechanisms that last a lot longer. Such straps have loops that allow you to pull them even when you just used sunscreen and your fingers are slippery. The Palau fins don’t have these and you better have non-slippery fingers when you try to tighten them.

The last piece of equipment in this set is the bag. And that’s probably where the most criticism comes from our side. While the bag itself is sturdy and has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry, it’s not made from mesh which would allow you to rinse out the gear while it’s in the bag.

There’s a drain opening at the bottom of the bag which is sufficiently large to let water out. A mesh bag would be nice as you could also rinse the whole set after use.

Anyhow, the bag has its good sides also. It’s a perfect fit for the mask and snorkel and fins in the set. You can even squeeze a few other essentials like sunscreen or even a camera into the bag for easy transport. The sturdy build of the bag does allow for an excellent way to use it for travel.

Overall, the combination of the snorkel gear and the high quality they are built to make this a great snorkeling set. It’s our choice for the best overall snorkel set.

U.S. Divers Lux LX Purge Best Snorkeling Set with Panoramic Mask

Another option that we think is an excellent choice is the U.S. Divers Lux LX Purge snorkeling kit. A significant difference to the Cressi Palau set is that the snorkel mask has a panoramic lens which allows having better visibility to the sides.

This can be comforting for some and reduce anxiety. It can be a little claustrophobic to some snorkeling beginners to have a mask that is dark all around. A panoramic mask that offers more visibility towards the sides can be helpful in preventing that feeling.

U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel Set
U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel Set

Panoramic Views

The panoramic glass does have a downside for snorkeling. As there’s so much more light being able to get into the snorkel mask, the glare of the sun can be somewhat disturbing. Having a black skirt around the mask can help as it does reduce some of the glare.

The snorkeling mask in the Lux LX snorkel set has four glass panes. They all consist of tempered glass. The seams at the junction of the angled windows on the side to the lens you’re looking through straight through are non-obtrusive when you enjoy your panoramic view through the sides.

The Lux LX snorkel mask has a low profile which helps when you want to dive down to look at something a few feet underwater. The lower the profile, the less air is trapped in the mask, and that means that it’s easier to dive down.

The silicone skirt around the snorkel mask is available in black or in semi-transparent. If you go snorkeling in very sunny regions, then it might be better to have the type with the black skirt to reduce glare. The skirt is made from hypoallergenic silicone and provides a tight and waterproof seal with your face while making it comfortable to wear the mask for extended times. Additionally, the mask has a purge valve at the bottom to let you get water out of the mask if any enters.

The straps easily adjust even if you use only one hand. They are made from silicone and they connect to the mask on the skirt and not the frame. The adjustments are made through a locking mechanism with a push-button release. It can be somewhat less reliable to have the straps connect to the skirt, but the advantage is that the mask is more comfortable to wear.

The snorkel in the U.S. Divers snorkel gear set is designed to provide the highest airflow possible. It does beat the Cressi Supernova in that.

GoPro Mount on Snorkel

It also has a great option to come with a GoPro mount. This way you can mount your GoPro camera to the snorkel to make videos of your underwater views. The mount is on the base of the snorkel, so it is not in your way and does not produce any drag in the water. All you have to do is to switch the camera into the mode where it switches the video on its head to make videos.

The dry valve on the top of the snorkel is overall good but does not work as well as Cressi’s version. It’s rare that water will get into the snorkel, but it can in rare instances happen that you want to breathe in but the dry valve keeps the snorkel sealed and you won’t get air. A quick blow out will resolve the issue, but it can be annoying when it happens.

The open-heel fins that are included in the snorkel set provide good propulsion. The pivot system needs a little getting used to. They are not as rigid and stable as Cressi’s. They are overall great fins but not quite up to the Palau fins.

The foot pockets of the snorkeling fins are comfortable and don’t rub. The straps work great and have rings at the end which makes it easy to adjust them even with sunscreen greased fingers.

Great Bag to Store the Snorkeling Set and other items

The bag that comes with the U.S. Divers Lux LX snorkel set has a single strap so you can carry it over your shoulder. It’s made from durable nylon and has various compartments.

There’s a section that is designed for your wet mask and snorkel, as well as the fins, and it features a mesh bottom so you can rinse your equipment out through the bag. Besides, there’s also a dry compartment to store keys, camera, sunscreen, etc.

In our opinion, the bag is better than Cressi’s. It allows for rinsing your gear which is a significant advantage.

Innovative Scuba Concepts Reef – Best Budget Snorkel Gear

Looking for a snorkeling set that is cheap you’ll quickly find that there’s not many that offer good quality. In our opinion, the best budget snorkel set you can get is the Innovative Scuba Concepts Reef package.

The high-quality snorkel set contains all the same items you get with the more expensive choices above. You get the goggles, a snorkel, fins, and a bag. It’s just that each of these pieces is a tad bit worse with regards to quality. That doesn’t mean they are bad quality at all though!

Innovative Scuba Concepts REEF Snorkel Set
Innovative Scuba Concepts REEF Snorkel Set

The mask in the snorkeling set is a solid snorkel mask. It has a black skirt (if you pick the black colored set) or comes with a semi-transparent skirt if you choose any of the other two colors.

Two tempered glass lenses

The snorkel mask has two tempered glass lenses that keep you secure behind the glass. The skirt is soft silicone and it’s comfortable against the face. The seal is tight and you won’t run the risk of the mask leaking easily.

The straps connect to the lens frame and are easy to adjust. There are no uncomfortable pressure points on your face from the mask.

The mask is easy to adjust, but you do need two hands for any adjustments. You also won’t get a purge valve with goggles in that price range, but that is nothing you should be surprised about.

The snorkel allows you to get lots of air through, and it sits comfortably. It is a semi-dry snorkel which means that it has a splash guard on the end. Water will come into the snorkel and you will have to blow it out before taking a deep breath of air.

Additionally, there’s a purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel that does its job to allow you to get water out. The clip to connect the snorkel to the mask is sturdy and won’t break easily.

Finding the Best Snorkel Set

Shorter fins are easier for snorkeling

The fins are pretty short yet sufficient to propel you through the water when you snorkel. The short size makes it easy to travel with them.

The fins are comfortable to wear and they do their job. Nothing special about them to say except maybe that the foot pocket is a little wide. You might slip around inside the pocket and that can lead to them being uncomfortable after a while. In that case, consider wearing booties to reduce the slipping.

The straps have finger loops, so it’s easy to adjust them even when you have sunscreen on your fingers. The rings are large enough to get a finger in so you can use them with a single finger.

The bag coming with this snorkel set is a mesh bag. It’s a straightforward bag that has a drawstring to close the bag. You put your gear in and you can rinse it right in the bag. On the flip side, there’s not much space to put anything else into the bag.

This snorkel gear set comes with some essential pieces of gear. They do their job, but if you go snorkeling regularly or want equipment to last for a long time then you’re better off with the Cressi set above!

Promate Snorkel Gear Set – Best Snorkeling Set for beginners

The snorkel set from Promate comes with a single lens mask, a dry snorkel, standard length fins, and a mesh bag. It’s affordable and everything is straightforward to use which is why in our opinion it’s an excellent set for novice snorkelers.

The snorkel gear set comes in various colors and sizes. Depending on the color the skirt around the lens is either black or semi-transparent. The lens is a single piece that makes it somewhat more comfortable for beginners as there’s glass between the eyes. The field of view feels larger when you look to the left or right.

Promate Snorkel Set
Promate Snorkel Set

The skirt is made from high-quality silicone and provides a tight seal between the mask and your face. The straps on the snorkel mask are easy to adjust. They connect to the frame which provides a robust construction that will last a long time.

Dry Snorkel with Splash Guard

The snorkel coming with this set is a dry snorkel. It has a splash guard and the dry valve on top and does a reasonably good job to keep the water out of the snorkel. In our opinion, it’s not as good as the Cressi snorkel, but it does keep most water out.

The fins are standard length fins that you’d also use for scuba diving. They are not as easy to travel with as the shorter fins on some of the previous sets. You typically also will not need the added propulsion capacity from such long fins when you only go snorkeling.

The adjustment strap on the fins has a robust buckle system to keep the strap in place. The strap ends also have a ring to fit a finger through providing a good grip even with sunscreen on your fingers.

Mesh bag for all snorkel equipment

The bag coming with the snorkel set is a simple mesh bag with a drawstring to close it. The good thing is that you can rinse your gear, like the mask and snorkel together with the fins while it’s in the bag. The downside is that there’s no additional storage in the bag that would be waterproof.

One thing we didn’t like very much is the sizing of the snorkeling set. You can only get two sizes which seems insufficient for many folks that don’t know whether they are S/M or M/L/XL. It would be good to get some better ideas on sizing to pick the right one.

SealBuddy Maui Panoramic – Best Snorkel Set For Travel

The SealBuddy Maui snorkel set combines a panoramic mask with a dry top snorkel, short fins, and a bag. This combination makes it in our opinion an excellent snorkel set for traveling.

Best Snorkeling Gear for Traveling

The snorkel gear set comes in many different colors which then makes it easy to identify who has which mask, snorkel, and fins if you and your partner have different colors. The skirt around the snorkel mask is either semi-transparent for most colors or black for the black set.

SealBuddy Fiji Panoramic Snorkel Set
SealBuddy Fiji Panoramic Snorkel Set

Panoramic Snorkel Mask

The snorkel mask has a large lens giving you a panoramic view that provides excellent visibility underwater. You will have no trouble seeing aquatic life out of the sides which offers a magnificent view when you’re snorkeling.

The goggles are well made and sturdy. The skirt is made from hypoallergenic silicone and provides a good seal with your skin to prevent any water from entering while you’re underwater.

The straps on the mask attach to the frame and are easy to adjust. You shouldn’t have an issue fitting the goggles to a large variety of facial shapes.

Dry Top Snorkel included in the snorkeling set

The snorkel in this set is a dry top snorkel. It has a valve to keep water out when it is submerged. The valve works reasonably well to keep the water out. You will not stay as dry as with some of the higher-end sets, but it does overall a decent job.

The mouthpiece is also made from hypoallergenic silicone and is comfortable to have in your mouth. You do have to bite down on it so you will have to expect some jaw fatigue during long snorkeling excursions.

Short Open-Heel Snorkel Fins

The open-heel fins are short and provide proper handling and reasonable propulsion in the water. They are specially made to reduce the amount of energy that is needed when you kick while snorkeling.

The open heel fins are easy to adjust. Unfortunately, they do not have a ring at each end that allows them to securely pull the strap tight even with sunscreen greased fingers and hands. You will have to dry your hands before trying to pull the strap tight.

The foot pocket is reasonably comfortable, but with really large feet you might run into some issues. The toe box is also not as wide as in other fins which can make it less comfortable to wear when you have wide feet.

The bag that comes with this snorkeling set is excellent. It has mesh openings so your gear can dry when it’s wet. The mesh is even large enough that you can rinse the equipment while it’s in the bag.

Compared to other mesh bags this one provides structure. This is a great benefit when you want to use this snorkel set for travel as you can place the gear into the bag and it keeps it all in place. There are even additional compartments to store other small accessories and things like keys or wallets.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport – Best Mask in a Snorkel Set

The Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport is another excellent snorkel set. The set consists of the goggles, dry snorkel, fins, and a mesh bag.

To come right to the point, the best part by far about this set from Phantom Aquatics is the snorkel mask. Of all the snorkel gear sets, these are probably the best snorkel goggles that you can find if you’re looking for the traditional style instead of a full face snorkel mask.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Snorkel Set
Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Snorkel Set

The snorkel set comes in different colors and depending on your choice you either get a black or a semi-transparent skirt. The skirt is made with liquid silicone which is super comfortable against the skin and produces a tight seal.

Best Mask for Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

The straps connect to the frame of the snorkel mask. The connection is to the top and bottom of the frame which makes for an even distribution of the strap pulling the goggles against your face. This produces an even seal with the silicone skirt and is comfortable to wear as you won’t have pressure points against your skin and it helps to prevent mask squeeze.

Another great benefit of this snorkel mask is that has a very low volume that is trapped behind the tempered glass lenses. If you decide to dive down a few feet, then it’s easier to do that with less air being trapped inside the mask. The mask is definitely usable for snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

Semi-Dry Snorkel

The snorkel in this set is a semi-dry variant. It’s not completely dry and if you submerge underwater with the snorkel, then you will have to expect water to come into the snorkel. It’s easy to blow out when you breathe out, but it can still be a surprise when you suddenly have water coming down the tube.

The fins are rather short which makes the snorkel set overall an excellent choice for traveling. They have an open heel and also an open toe pocket.

The strap on the open-heel fins is easy to adjust. We do miss a ring though to pull the strap tight securely with a finger without the risk of slipping off. There’s a variety of sizes to choose from, so you’ll be able to find a pair that fits your feet perfectly.

The bag coming with the set is a simple drawstring mesh bag. The benefit is that you can rinse the whole set while it is in the bag. The water will run off and the gear will dry.

The mask is the best part of this snorkel set. It’s solidly built and will last you a long time. If you snorkel regularly, then you might miss a dry snorkel and fins that are adjustable with a single finger.

Seavenger Snorkel Set – Best Snorkeling Set For Children and Youths!

No matter what size you need, the Seavenger snorkel set has the right size for you. That is precisely true when you’re looking for a set for your kids. The XS/XXS version is specially made to fit children which makes it our top pick as the snorkel set for kids!

Children Sizes available

The best snorkel gear is part of this set. The snorkel set contains a single lens mask, dry top snorkel, short snorkel fins, and a mesh bag. There’s also another set by Seavenger, the Voyager set which is pretty much the same but it comes with a sturdy bag that also offers space for additional accessories.

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set
Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set

The set is available in a broad range of different colors. Depending on which color combination you pick the skirt of the mask is either black or semi-transparent.

The lens in the snorkel mask is a single piece of tempered glass. This makes it a safe choice for you or your children as the glass won’t break easily and also won’t splinter if it breaks. Having a single lens can be helpful for children as they feel like there’s more space in the mask and they can enjoy the panoramic view.

The straps connect to the frame and are easy to adjust. The skirt is made from soft silicone and is comfortable to wear.

The snorkel in the set is a dry top snorkel. It works pretty well to keep water out when you are snorkeling. If you dive down with it, you might end up with a few drops of water in the snorkel but nothing that would be a problem.

Short Fins for Snorkeling

The open-heel fins are typical snorkel fins as they are short. They are designed to let you snorkel for extended periods without the risk of leg cramps from the continuous kicking.

Best Snorkel Gear for beginners and enthusiasts

The propulsion produced by them is indeed enough for a relaxing snorkel trip in reasonably calm waters. In stronger currents, you will end up working harder to get going.

The bag in this snorkel set is a mesh back with a top drawstring. It fits all of the components of this set but doesn’t have space for much else. The great thing about a mesh bag is that you can rinse the gear while it’s in the bag and leave it in there to let it dry.

Based on the different sizing and color options, this is our top pick for a snorkel set for children and youths!

What Snorkeling Set to buy?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to snorkel sets. The Cressi Palau set is the overall best set in our opinion. Depending on your specific needs you might have a set that fits your needs better.

An alternative to the snorkel sets we listed above can be to look for a full-face snorkel mask and fins. There will undoubtedly be a number of such sets come in the future. However, given that these full-face snorkel masks have gotten into the news regarding some possible issues that even led to drownings.

Finding the best snorkeling combinations and set
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