Zeagle Ranger BCD Review

Review of the Zeagle Ranger Buoyancy Compensator

The Zeagle Ranger BCD is the most copied buoyancy compensator in history. It was the first to combine heavy duty construction with highest quality materials and packed weight integration and back inflation into the mix. It’s a very versatile BCD that you’ll be able to use for pretty much any kind of diving.

While it’s not overly heavy at 8.4 pounds dry, it’s a little bulky. If you’re looking for a travel BCD then this might not be your best choice. However, pretty much any other use you have for a BCD and this one fits the bill!

Zeagle Ranger Black and Red Scuba Diving BC

Review Summary of the Zeagle Ranger BCD


Back Inflated BCD

Ease of Use

Easy to use with lots of variability.

Price Level

Reasonably priced for the quality and sturdiness you get.

We Like

  • Tremendous flexibility
  • Sturdy construction and highest quality materials
  • Many different configurations
  • Excellent integrated weight system

We Don't Like

  • Somewhat bulky, not easy to travel with


The Zeagle Ranger BCD might just be one of the best back inflate BCD’s you can find. It combines great materials with rock-solid design and superb weight management. There’s really nothing to find that you wouldn’t like on this BCD. The only exception is if you travel a lot. Then it might be a little bulky to carry around. Otherwise, you won’t go wrong with this BCD!

Zeagle Ranger BCD


The Zeagle Ranger has no particular best use. It excels under pretty much any condition and can be setup and used for nearly any kind of diving.

The air bladder is in the back. It can produce a lift capacity of up to 44 pounds. The standard weight system has pockets with a rip cord release. You can add 30 pounds of weights to the BCD. Lastly, you also have integrated trim weight on the back that you can fill up to 20 pounds.

There’s also a lot of storage space available in this BCD. The storage pockets are zippered and easy to reach. Additionally, you have six metal D-rings available to attach additional accessories.

This BCD has a lift capacity of 44 lbs. It weighs 8.4 lbs. dry. However, even though it’s not that heavy, you can’t fold it over or otherwise squeeze it into a travel bag easily.

Technical Specifications

  • Back inflated BCD
  • Two side pockets with zippers
  • Six metal D-rings on shoulders and vest
  • Personal Fit System (PFS) with numerous adjustments through straps
  • 44 lbs. lift capacity with single bladder
  • 30 lbs. integrated weight system
  • 20 lbs. trim weights in back
  • Single or dual tank setup

Inflation System

The Ranger integrates the BX power inflation system from Zeagle. It’s easy and reliable and considered one of the best inflation systems available.

The single bladder is in the back and provides 44 pounds of lift. However, the Ranger can be reconfigured and you can instead use a dual bladder system in the back with up to 2 times 85 pounds of lift!

The BX Power Inflator makes it easy to clean out the bladder. You can simply attach a garden hose and wash the bladder out.

You can easily attach the inflator system to your first stage regulator through the 3/8” low pressure connector. It’s a quick connect system that makes it easy to attach and remove the inflation system from the regulator.


The Ranger has two large utility pockets on the size. They close with zippers and are roomy enough to keep small dive accessories like dive lights, etc. in them.

You can additionally attach scuba accessories and gear at the various D-rings. The Ranger has 6 steel D-Rings for that purpose. Four of them are found on the shoulders and two on the vest.

Adjustments and Comfort

The whole BCD is designed for maximum flexibility. This is not only the case for the large variety of configurations (one or two bottles, setups for tropical or cold-water diving, etc.) but also to allow to fit the BCD to you like a glove.

The Ranger has a Personal Fit System (PFS) that allows you to adjust pretty much any element of the harness and BCD until it fits you perfectly. With regards to adjustments it provides shoulder straps that can be adjusted, a sternum strap that is adjustable in dual positions and an elastic cummerbund. All buckles have side releases where you simply squeeze to open them.

Where to Buy?

You will typically find the best prices for the Zeagle Ranger BCD online and specifically on Amazon. You’ll be able to find different color setups and sizes based on your needs.

At times you can also find combination packages of the BCD with an octo or a regulator. Check these out to save a bunch of money!

Customer Feedback

There is basically nothing negative being said about this BCD by anyone owning and using it. The only complaint you can find is that it is somewhat bulky and doesn’t travel easily. Otherwise, divers are able to adjust it to their needs and body and it performs without fail. Positive remarks are always centered around the flexibility and the toughness.


If you’re willing to overlook the somewhat hard time you'll have packing the Zeagle Rangerthe  BCD for travel then you don’t have to look any further. This is the BCD that others have to compete with.

The flexible setup allows it to grow with your needs over the years. And yes, it will be able to grow with you as it’s built sturdy and with tough and high-quality materials. Start with a single tank setup and later switch to dual tanks. It also has many other configuration abilities that you will appreciate over the course of years to come.

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