Aqua Lung Legend (LX, LUX, Glacia) Regulator Review

Aqua Lung is one of the best-known brands with regards to any kind of scuba gear. They are known for their quality and innovative products. The Aqua Lung Legend LX and other regulators in the Legend series are no exception.

Review of the Legend LX, LUX, Glacia and Octo Regulator from Aqua Lung

None of these regulators is on the cheap end of things but you can rely on getting a top-notch product if you get an Aqualung Legend regulator. They are made from high-quality materials and designed to last and to work.

Aqualung LEG3ND MBS Regulator
Aqualung LEG3ND MBS Regulator

There are a number of different regulators available in the Legend series. The Legend LUX is the high-end, flashy regulator. Flashy in the sense that the overall components are the same in the LUX as well as the LX but the LUX has a pink-gold/bronze-looking finish. That finish will cost you a few hundred dollars more. The inner workings between the LX and LUX are pretty much the same.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you can find the Legend itself. The main difference to the LX is that it uses a venture switch in the second stage to prevent freeflow at the surface. The LX and LUX use Aqua Lung’s own Master Breathing System (MBS) which uses dual control valves to prevent the free flow of air.

Another model in the series is the LX Twilight which is basically the LX with a smaller mouthpiece. This is to make it a better fitting regulator for women. All of the above-mentioned regulators also come as a ‘Supreme’ model. The Supreme regulators are specifically designed for cold water by adding a mouthpiece that surrounds your lips to keep them warm. All second-stage regulators have heat exchange mechanisms built in to prevent them from freezing during a dive.

Lastly, there’s the Glacia model in the Legend series. This version is specifically designed for cold dives (that’s not the same as diving with a cold!). It has additional heat exchangers in both the first and second stages to prevent the valves and chambers from freezing.

A closer look at the first and second stage components will show the differences between the models.

Aqua Lung Leg3nd Elite Regulator
Aqua Lung Leg3nd Elite Regulator

Differences between Piston Regulators and Diaphragm Regulators

First Stage

Aqua Lung uses a compact design on the first stage that packs a lot of technology. It’s available as either a DIN or Yoke design for all of the Legend models.

All first stage modules feature Aqua Lung’s Auto Closure Device (ACD). This device makes sure that there’s no water coming into the inlet when the first stage is removed from the cylinder valve. This prolongs the life of the first stage as it keeps water out which can cause corrosion or lubrication to be washed out.

The first stage uses an over-balanced diaphragm design. This allows for outstanding performance at depth. Breathing comfort is improved through that design as well.

The first stage is sealed so that water is kept out of the moving parts. This keeps it clean and extends its lifetime. It also greatly improves the ability to use the regulator in cold environments. Keeping the water out helps to prevent freezing.

All first stage regulators feature 2 high pressure and 4 medium-pressure ports. The ports are placed so they allow for optimal hose routing. Out of the box the first stage regulator is equipped to handle gas mixes up to 40% oxygen. That’s by any means enough for any recreational diver.

AQUALUNG Leg3nd Octopus
AQUALUNG Leg3nd Octopus

Scuba Regulator Buyers Guide – What do you need to know!

Second Stage

The housing of the Legend second stage depends on the model. The lowest end, the Legend sports a polymer plate on a polymer casing. The LX similarly consists of a high-quality polymer casing with some chrome accents.

The LUX is basically the same second stage as the LX except that its finish is rose-golden and the surface is PVD coated. The coating is tough and will make the regulator look great for years to come. The Glacia is overall the LX with an aluminum front cover.

The breathing resistance can be adjusted on the LX, LUX, and Glacia models. The Legend has a preset breathing resistance that cannot be changed.

The Supreme models of the Legend, the LX, and the LUX as well as the Glacia offer a lip shield. This helps to keep your lips warm in really cold environments.

All second stage, as well as the first stage, regulators of the Legend series come with built-in heat exchangers. These are allowing to dive in cold water with a much lower risk of freezing.

Technical Specifications

First Stage

  • Compact
  • Chrome-plated brass (Legend, LX, Glacia), PVC Coating (LUX)
  • Over-balanced diaphragm design
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Ready for Nitrox mixes up to 40%
  • 2 high-pressure ports
  • 4 medium-pressure ports
  • DIN or yoke connectors

Second Stage

  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Breathing resistance adjustable (except for base Legend model)
  • Accented plate materials (aluminum for Glacia, all others polymer)
  • 2 Comfobite mouthpieces with bitewings
  • Heat exchangers to increase freezing resistance

Accessories and Options

Aqua Lung also designed a matching octopus regulator for the Legend series. The Legend Octopus (What you need to know about Octopus Regulators?) is a great addition to your Legend regulator and guarantees a perfect match within your regulator setup.

Aqualung LEG3ND MBS Regulator
Aqualung LEG3ND MBS Regulator

How to Store your Scuba Regulator

Keeping your regulator safe during travel is important. It is highly recommended to have a specialized regulator bag for storage and travel. The Aqua Lung regulator bag is a great way to ensure that your Legend stays safe.

Comparing Unbalanced Regulators and Balanced Regulators

Where to buy?

Usually you will find the lowest price for any regulator in the Legend series on They have all different models available including the octopus regulators you might need.

All models come either with DIN or Yoke first stages. They are already environmentally sealed so there’s no need to having to look around for that option.

Aqua Lung Leg3nd Elite Regulator
Aqua Lung Leg3nd Elite Regulator


The regulators in the Aqua Lung Legend series have an option for pretty much any diver. Whether you’re looking for an economic model like the Legend itself, a medium-range design like the LX, or a luxury version with the LUX, you’ll find a fit.

A woman should have a closer look at the Legend LX Twilight as the mouthpiece is smaller and will make it more comfortable to use. And if you are into extreme diving with really cold environments then have a look at the Glacia which is specifically designed to prevent freezing.

You end up with an excellent package no matter which regulator you pick. If at all possible you should try to skip the lower-end Legend as the LX and the models above it feature the Master Breathing System (MBS) from Aqua Lung which allows you to adjust the breathing resistance. This will in the end help you to conserve air and allow for longer and more relaxing dives.

Review of the Legend LX, LUX, Glacia and Octo Regulator from Aqua Lung
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