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Aqua Lung Legend (LX, LUX, Glacia) Regulator Review

Aqua Lung is one of the best-known brands with regards to any kind of scuba gear. They are known for their quality and innovative products. The Aqua Lung Legend LX and other regulators in the Legend series are no exception. None of these regulators is on the cheap end of things but you can rely […]

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What Kinds of Scuba Octopus Regulators are There?

When you’re learning about scuba diving and getting into it, you might be confused by how many options you have. You might even be a little confused about what you really need. One item you definitely need is a spare regulator to use in emergencies underwater. But, what type of scuba octopus regulators should you […]

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Atomic Aquatics Z3 Regulator Review

Atomic Aquatics are known for the top-of-the-line quality and technology when it comes to dive gear. This reputation is reflected in all their equipment including their regulators like the Atomic Aquatics Z3 Regulator. Yet, they are also known for these features and design to come at a premium price. However, the Z3 is a relatively […]

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