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Hello fellow divers! We are glad to have you on board. You’ll find all of our scuba diving related posts in this section. Browse and read! But, most importantly: Get Into The Water!

Back Inflate BCD vs Jacket Style BCD

When you’re getting out in the water, you’ll want a BCD which is also known as a buoyancy control device. These are an essential piece of your diving gear. But as with any other kind of gear, there are a lot of choices out there for you to pick from. There are two main kinds of […]

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Can you Dive with a Cold?

You booked your trip months in advance. Counted down the days until you’d be in the water again. Packed, prepped, and daydreamed about the upcoming scuba experience. But then, after a long, cramped flight, the worst happens: you start feeling the early symptoms of a cold. The labored breathing, achy muscles, and pressure behind the […]

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Storage and Travel Bags for Scuba Gear

You finally made the big investment and bought your own scuba gear. The only thing left is trying to decide how you’re going to store your gear or transport it. Diving gear by itself is very expensive and needs to be taken care of. So, what are the best ways that you can transport your […]

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Ear Plugs for Scuba Diving

If you’ve ever experienced ear pain or discomfort while diving, you know just how much this nuisance can disrupt and ruin a good dive. For some, the issues can be so severe as to prevent diving altogether, a truly frustrating situation. And divers are looking for solutions everywhere. There are ear-dryers, special ear-covering face masks, […]

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How to Clean your Dive or Snorkel Gear

There is nothing worse than getting ready for a dive and realizing that your mask is covered in a thick film. This film is likely residue from your last dive. Who knows how long ago that was? It’s important to clean your dive or snorkel gear every time you use it. Some people may wonder […]

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What Kinds of Scuba Octopus Regulators are There?

When you’re learning about scuba diving and getting into it, you might be confused by how many options you have. You might even be a little confused about what you really need. One item you definitely need is a spare regulator to use in emergencies underwater. But, what type of scuba octopus regulators should you […]

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Is There Gravity In Water? How does Buoyancy work underwater?

Is Gravity different when you’re underwater? One of the best things about being in the water is the feeling of weightlessness you can get. There is something freeing about floating suspended perfectly in the water. This feeling immediately vanishes when you either climb out of the pool or back onto the boat. With each step […]

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Weight of Compressed Air

How much do you really know about the air that you breathe under water? Even if you’ve been diving for a while, there are still a few questions that are tricky to answer, like what is the weight of your compressed air? How does that weight change when air gets consumed? Is there a difference […]

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Does Neoprene Shrink

Sliding into a 7mm neoprene wetsuit is never as easy as it sounds. You cannot simply slide in. There is a funny-looking dance that a diver does when they wrangle their neoprene into its proper position. You can tell the professionals. They wear full rash guards and even put sunscreen on the inside to help […]

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Diver Propulsion Vehicles

DPV’s are not such a common sight when scuba diving. Yet, you might wonder whether it would make sense to try or buy such a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). Let’s shed some light on what they are, what kinds you can get, and whether you should consider having a closer look at them. What is […]

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Suunto Issues Recall on Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and POD

Suunto announced a recall of their wireless tank pressure transmitters and tank POD’s. Based on the statement from Suunto they have found a potential safety risk with these transmitters. The statement specifically mentions that in two instances the exterior case of these transmitters broke during pressure testing on land. This could lead to the case […]

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Tips to Prevent Leg Cramps While Scuba Diving

Do you know the miserable feeling that you had to end a dive prematurely because you ended up having cramps in your legs? It’s a pretty crappy feeling being in the dive boat while all your buddies are still under water enjoying their dive. Yet, it does happen more often than you think that a […]

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How to take care of your Scuba Diving or Snorkel Mask

When it comes to scuba gear maintenance you might instantly think of looking after your wetsuit, fins, tank, etc. For many divers, the regular care of their dive mask is something that is easily overseen. 6 Tips and Checks on Caring for your Dive or Snorkel Mask You potentially paid a lot of money to buy the best […]

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Swimming Backward – Something a Diver Should Be Able to Do?

One thing that many new divers learn quickly is the intricacy of the swim kick. Because, while it may seem straightforward, choosing the right swimming style is a huge asset to a successful dive, especially for filming and underwater photography. And of all of the styles that you can learn, figuring out how to swim backward is […]

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Tips For A Safe Ascent And Descent While Scuba Diving

Most people only think of scuba diving as the magical sightseeing tour underwater where you somehow reach the right depth and then enjoy the sights. Barely anybody thinks of the descent to get to that depth or the ascent to come up from it. Yet, both going down and coming up have their own safety […]

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