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Hello fellow divers! We are glad to have you on board. You’ll find all of our scuba diving related posts in this section. Browse and read! But, most importantly: Get Into The Water!

How to Exercise for Scuba Diving

Many recreational divers do not understand the importance of their physical fitness when they dive. They are all worried about their gear and to have the latest dive computers but many do not keep in shape and stay fit in order to improve their safety underwater. How to Get and Stay Fit for Scuba Diving […]

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Six Epic Scuba Dives for Every Adventurer

Bloomberg created an article on six epic scuba dives for every adventurer. They did not look at the usual suspects like Stingray City or Tiger Beach but instead highlighted six destinations that are somewhat less known and crowded. If you’re looking for an adventure then have a look at the list below. You’ll find a […]

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Do you need to know Dive Tables when you have a Dive Computer?

Before dive computers became a common sight in the scuba scene, the only reliable way to calculate safe dive times were dive tables. Dive tables were initially created for military use in order to ensure that scuba divers don’t suffer from decompression sickness. Do you need dive tables when you have a dive computer? Technically […]

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Dive Computer History – From Analog to Digital

Many technical advances have come from military needs. Dive computers are not different. The Navy needed a reliable system for their underwater warfare. They met in 1951 with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California. The requirements the Navy had was to get a device that reliably monitors the nitrogen loading in the body of […]

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What you need to know about Diving with Nitrox

Nitrogen and Oxygen are part of the air we breathe. During diving, Nitrogen concentrations increase in the body and can cause decompression sickness (the bends) when you ascend too fast. The thought behind Nitrox is that the concentration of nitrogen in the gas you breathe is reduced while the concentration of oxygen is increased. This […]

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What is a Scuba Dive Computer?

Before the age of dive computers it was necessary to use dive tables to figure out how long you can stay under water and how many stops you had to make when coming up to avoid risking decompression sickness. You also needed a depth gauge to measure your depth and a dive watch to know […]

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