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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Full-Face Scuba Diving Mask

People are constantly looking for ways to make scuba diving a more comfortable experience for themselves. One relatively recent innovation is the full-face scuba mask. Although previously full-face masks were used by commercial divers and those involved in scientific research, they have recently been introduced for the purpose of recreational diving as well. What is […]

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What is a Purge Mask?

When scuba divers are on the hunt for a scuba mask, they have to choose from a range of brands, styles and basic features. Since the right mask is pivotal to keep the water out of your nose, keep your vision clear and make you feel comfortable in the water, this is a very important […]

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What is a Polarized Dive Mask?

A dive mask is an essential component of any scuba diver’s gear. Apart from keeping the diver from inhaling salty water, it also allows them to clearly focus on the water and everything in it. Every now and then, new types of dive masks are manufactured to help the diver see better and feel more […]

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How to find the Best Full Face Dive Masks

Full face diving masks have, until recently, been something that only commercial divers would use. They are becoming increasingly popular in the recreational scuba diving space, however. Today, even casual divers can enjoy the comfort and convenience of diving with a full-face mask. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular consumer-grade […]

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XS Scuba Switch Mask Review

You know the secret to a great underwater video with your GoPro camera? You use lens filters to improve the color in the video. And that’s not just a little improvement in the colors, it’s a dramatic change! Review of the XS Scuba Switch Mask – Color Filters Make the Difference? You probably wondered why the world […]

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