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Choosing the Best Scuba Travel Fins

Have you ever been awestruck at how effortlessly fish float through the water? The only real movement is the delicate fluttering of their fins. If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure of being a part of their blue world, you know that the fins you use are what help you push around through the water as […]

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Scuba Fin Buying Guide

Scuba dive fins are an essential piece in the puzzle of getting all your dive gear. They are essential pieces of equipment whether you scuba dive, snorkel or free dive. For all three sports you need fins to propel yourself through the water. Fins make it easier and reduce the effort that is required to […]

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Scuba Diving Split Fins vs Regular Fins

There’s an ongoing debate between divers whether split fins or regular fins are better. Regular fins are also usually referred to as paddle fins, blade fins, or full fins. Historically, regular fins are what were the only fins available for diving and snorkeling. Even today many divers prefer paddle fins over splits. There’s no perfect […]

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