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A Guide on How To Safely Go Diving In Strong Currents

For many divers, diving in strong currents can be an exhilarating experience. However, if you are not prepared and do not exercise caution, it can soon turn into a nightmare. The current can push you away from your dive site and your buddies, and sweep you into the open sea. To stay safe in the […]

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Cressi Leonardo vs. Giotto – Recreational Dive Computers Compared

Comparing the Cressi Leonardo and the Giotto Cressi designed two dive computers themselves: Leonardo and Giotto. While the Cressi Leonardo dive computer targets the entry-level market, the Giotto targets pretty much any experience level in the recreational diving market. Besides them targeting slightly different markets, what are the differences when you compare the Cressi Leonardo […]

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Why are Snorkels so Short Instead of being Extra Long?

Have you ever wondered why the average snorkel is very short? It may seem as though an extra-long snorkel would be a better investment because it means you can reach greater depths when you dive in water while breathing in air from above the surface. The short design of the snorkel is intentional. There are […]

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Can you go to Dive after Flying? – Flying and Scuba Diving

With the pressure that you are putting your body under when you’re diving, you’ll want to take some extra care with your body. This means considering what else you’re doing around your diving and making sure that you’re not putting your body through any extra stress. What are the concerns when it comes to scuba diving […]

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Hi, thank you for visiting We are currently preparing the site for launch and will have it ready in just a few days. What will come? You will just have to come back to see. If you’re into scuba diving then you’ll be excited about the new information you will get! See you back […]

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