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What is a Save a Dive Kit?
When it comes to diving, there’s an old saying that seems particularly fitting:Hope for the best, but prepare for the[...]
Pulmonary Barotrauma – What is it and How can you Prevent it?
For most of us, the phrase pulmonary barotrauma sounds pretty intimidating. And probably for good reason. This medical condition threatens[...]
Aluminum Tanks vs Steel Tanks
Whether you’re interested in renting or buying, it’s helpful to know the difference between a steel and aluminum tank. Both[...]
Peeing in your Wetsuit
One of the things that no one wants to talk about (but everyone wants to hear about) is how to[...]
What you need to know about Oxygen Toxicity
One of the most dangerous problems in diving is oxygen toxicity. It’s basically having too much oxygen when you are[...]
Rebreather vs. Regulator
What is a Rebreather?A rebreather is a piece of scuba gear that allows you to breathe underwater using smaller air[...]
Framed vs Frameless Scuba Diving Mask
You’ve spent a lot of time researching the best gear on the market, and investing the energy in finding the[...]